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Enabled by the New Mexico Legislature

In 2020, the New Mexico Legislature created a Technology Readiness Gross Receipts Tax Credit for the purpose of helping businesses achieve technology maturation for commercialization opportunities that require improvements on a preexisting invention. As a result, Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories established the TRGR Technology Readiness Initiative.

Enabling legislation for TRGR
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Standard and Umbrella CRADA
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TRGR Program Restrictions

To receive TRGR assistance, you must be in good standing with and registered to do business in the State of New Mexico. Your company must have business operations in the state, and be a licensee in good standing or be an active participant in a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Los Alamos or Sandia national laboratories.

  • TRGR does not provide cash or equipment to the business
  • All work must begin and end within 12 months
  • Laboratories do not provide endorsement or certification
  • Laboratories cannot provide assistance involving THC or related byproducts including hemp
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Standard and Umbrella CRADA

TRGR Publications

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Already have a CRADA or licensed IP?

Businesses already licensing laboratory technology or are engaged in an active CRADA with a business presence in New Mexico are eligible for TRGR assistance.

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about us page

TRGR is a National Lab Partnership

TRGR is a pilot initiative enabling Los Alamos and Sandia national laboratories to help New Mexico businesses mature technologies into products and services. The initiative enables New Mexico companies to work directly with the national laboratories on technology maturation, significantly accelerating product development in the State. Participants work directly with national laboratory technical staff to accelerate new technologies and products into the marketplace.

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