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No-Cost Technology Maturation Assistance

Utilize up to $150,000 of national laboratory assistance to advance your commercialization strategy.

Discover New Possibilities

TRGR Assistance Accelerates Licensed IP

TRGR assistance accelerates technologies past the invention stage into products and services. TRGR was designed to advance technology and expedite product commercialization. If your New Mexico business currently has licensed IP or is engaged in a cooperative research and development agreement with a New Mexico national lab, there are several additional benefits to TRGR that go beyond the $150,000 of unburdened funds. The initiative builds relationships with a network of leading scientists and engineers.

TRGR Assistance
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Tech Transfer Gap

TRGR Closes the Tech Transfer Gap

There is a gap in funding and other resources when a business is maturing a technology from the laboratory research phase to commercial application. TRGR provides a powerful new mechanism for Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories to foster the successful transition of laboratory technologies to NM companies enabling them to produce high value goods and services and become successful in New Mexico.

TRGR addresses the gap of knowledge transfer and technology advancement when a New Mexico business licenses a laboratory technology or engages in a research partnership. It gives these New Mexico businesses the ability to leverage research and technology development from Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories to expedite product development.

About the Initiative

Already have a CRADA or licensed IP?

Businesses already licensing laboratory technology or are engaged in an active CRADA with a business presence in New Mexico are eligible for TRGR assistance.

Licensed National Lab Tech Propels Commercialization

Quickly expand your business into new markets and industries with intellectual property licensed from New Mexico’s national laboratories. Commercial licensing opportunities from Los Alamos or Sandia national laboratories can bridge funding and development gaps to expedite commercial readiness.

IP Focus Areas
Licensed National Lab

Cooperative Research & Development Agreements

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) promote the transfer of technologies, processes, research and development (R&D) capabilities, and technical know-how to private sector businesses. Through these collaborative agreements, Los Alamos and Sandia research staff work alongside businesses to develop, refine, or improve commercially viable technologies.

CRADA Process